Cardiovascular Health

Current dietary guidelines recommend different healthy dietary patterns (e.g., Mediterranean and DASH diets) to reduce the risk of cardiometabolic diseases. Such dietary patterns are characterized as being low in saturated fat, thus current recommendations encourage the intake of low-fat or fat-free dairy. However, data from observational studies and meta-analyses indicate that full-fat dairy consumption may be associated with reduced risk of some chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Therefore, National Dairy Council is seeking pre-proposals in the following area: 

  • Longer-term dietary intervention studies (at least 6 weeks in length) on the role of incorporating full-fat dairy foods within healthy dietary patterns on risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease in subjects at high risk of disease. The primary outcome selected should be closely linked to the pathology of heart disease and/or be predictive of future cardiometabolic diseases and disorders (e.g., metabolic syndrome or type 2 diabetes). Additionally, the main cardiovascular risk factors assessed must also focus on endpoints beyond the classical markers of total, LDL- and HDL-cholesterol. 

Study duration should be appropriate for the work proposed. There is no budget limit; however, the requested budget must be commensurate with the work proposed.

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DEADLINE : 5/3/2019 12:00 PM