Cheese and Cultured Dairy: Enhance Cheese and Cultured Dairy Opportunities In Domestic And Export Markets

1. Innovation

  • Develop technologies (e.g. Powders/cheese with low water activity) to deliver consistently performing cheese base/ingredients for further processing or to make recombined cheeses.
  • Create solutions to uniquely position U.S. cheeses in export markets (differentiation in terms of flavor, texture, functionality, etc. when compared to similar cheeses in export market).
  • Provide scalable solutions to create cheeses for snacking and other applications (e.g. improve machinability of natural cheeses).
  • Develop functional-by-design and “clean label” cheese for various applications and markets (e.g. natural cheeses with desired functionality for applications such as grilling, baking, food service etc.)

2. Quality
  • Develop alternative approaches to extend the shelf life of cultured and non-cultured products and to allow for non-refrigerated storage.
  • Provide bio-preservative solutions (food approved, label friendly) to assure quality and extend shelf life of cheese and cultured dairy products.

DEADLINE : 7/15/2019 12:00 AM