N​utrition Research

Milk and dairy foods are nutrient-rich, providing nine essential nutrients for children and adults. The Nutrition Research program within NDC sponsors science-based research on the health benefits of dairy products and ingredients.

Our mission: to research and discover health benefits for dairy foods and ingredients to advance scientific understanding of these benefits and to increase demand for dairy.

Research categories:
• Cardiovascular and metabolic health
• Whole milk dairy and cheese
• Dairy protein
• Childhood health
• Nutrition and Sustainability

P​roduct Research

The goal of the Product Research program within NDC is to drive dairy and food innovation through science and technology. We achieve this goal by developing innovative products and ingredients using dairy; addressing food safety and quality issues; and providing technical assistance and technical training to the food and dairy industries.

Our mission: to create scientific knowledge that results in the development of innovative dairy products and ingredients.

Research categories:
• Cheese and Cultured Dairy
• Ingredients – Milk Powders
• Ingredients –​ Milk and Whey Ingredients and Fractions
• Ingredients – Co-products
• Fluid Milk and B​everages
• Discov​ery​
• Food Safety

Funding Opportunities
  • Supplemental Support
    The National Dairy Council ™ (NDC) encourages collaboration among researchers and funding agencies in order to foster a healthier society...
  • General Solicitation
    Each year, the Dairy the National Dairy Council™ (NDC) seeks nutrition and product research pre-proposals that will further discoveries...
  • Directed Solicitations
    Over the course of the year, the National Dairy Council™ (NDC) may announce calls for research pre-proposals on specific...

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