Co-Products: Improve Quality, Performance, And Increase Utilization of Co-Products

1. Create new opportunities

  • Create and expand food applications for Lactose.
  • Identify and understand the technical gaps (e.g. crystal formation, browning etc.) that prevent the use of lactose at higher concentrations in existing applications and devise cost effective scalable solutions to overcome those gaps.

2. Enhance capability/sustainability

  • Develop novel techniques and technologies to manufacture co-products (e.g. permeate, lactose) at a competitive cost.
  • Refine current techniques or develop novel processes to improve consistency and quality of dairy co-product streams.
  • Make high lactose powders (sweet whey, permeates etc.) more robust (maintain their sensory quality and performance) through their shelf life when exported (at tropical temperatures and humidity) using product and/or packaging solutions.
DEADLINE : 7/15/2019 12:00 AM