Milk and Whey Ingredients and Fractions: Increase Utilization Of Milk/Whey Proteins And Other Fractions

1. Drive new applications

  • Identify and understand the technical gaps (flavor, texture, functionality etc.) that limit the use of milk and whey proteins at higher concentrations in existing applications and devise cost effective scalable solutions to overcome those gaps.
  • Explore novel cost effective and scalable ways to produce "functionally inert" (reduce the functional properties such as viscosity, water binding, foaming etc.) milk proteins and micellar casein for high(er) protein applications.

2. Enhance capability /sustainability

  • Refine current technologies and/or develop new cost effective and scalable technologies to efficiently manufacture milk/whey proteins and other fractions (e.g. novel membrane materials, newer membrane filtration and/or other separation techniques etc.).
  • Explore new analytical methods (e.g. using new tools and techniques) to accurately measure protein quantity in foods and ingredients.
  • Explore novel technologies to deliver existing milk and whey ingredients with similar or improved functionality and shelf stability but with lower energy utilization when compared to drying.
  • Develop cost effective and scalable technologies (pre or post processing) to make more functional milk ingredients and fractions (e.g. enhanced foaming ability, emulsification, water binding etc.) to help replace other ingredients such as modified starches, stabilizers, emulsifiers etc.
DEADLINE : 7/15/2019 12:00 AM