Milk Powders: Enable the U.S. To Be a Preferred Supplier of Milk Powders By Developing The Knowledge To Consistently Produce Powders That Meet Customer Specifications

1. Quality

  • Provide solutions to make milk powder taste like fresh milk.
  • Make SMP and WMP more robust (maintain their sensory quality and performance) through their shelf life when exported (at tropical temperatures and humidity) using product and/or packaging solutions.
2. Enhance capability/Sustainability
  • Improve sustainability and energy efficiency of the current-state powder manufacturing with new technical solutions (e.g. high solids drying).
  • Explore novel technologies to deliver milk powders with similar or improved functionality and shelf stability but with lower energy utilization when compared to drying.
  • Develop cost effective and scalable technologies (pre-or post-processing) to make milk powders more functional (e.g. enhanced foaming ability, emulsification, water binding etc.) to deliver clean label dairy solutions to displace ingredients such as modified starches, stabilizers, emulsifiers etc.

DEADLINE : 7/15/2019 12:00 AM