Protein Quality

Dairy proteins are recognized as some of the highest quality proteins available. A considerable body of science has examined the value of dairy proteins, as part of a higher protein diet, on benefits related to sports nutrition, weight management and healthy aging. In many of these studies however, it is difficult to discern whether the benefits were derived primarily from the incremental protein intakes or whether the enhanced protein quality also significantly contributed to the effects. Studies of protein quality have been mostly limited to acute examinations of dairy versus non-dairy protein ingredients and measured protein metabolism-related endpoints (e.g., muscle protein synthesis). While conceptually most will acknowledge that the protein quality of the overall diet does matter, there is a lack of data available to directly support that contention. Therefore, National Dairy Council is seeking pre-proposals that examine a physiologic and/or health benefit of differences in protein quality in the context of a mixed meal or diet. We are interested in studies examining this in the context of dairy protein ingredients (whey, casein) and/or dairy foods. Children/adolescents and middle-aged to older adults are the primary populations of interest, but we will accept proposals looking at this question across the lifespan. 

Study duration should be appropriate for the work proposed. There is no budget limit; however, the requested budget must be commensurate with the work proposed.

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DEADLINE : 5/3/2019 12:00 PM